Hal & Jesse - Appearing Sunday May 30th, 2021 - at Hops & Props from 6pm to 9pm

 Oh noooooo …………… I have to confess that I … Hal … of Hal & Jesse had a "PP" moment. Yes, a Premature-Posting … ahhhhhhhh. I got both the date and time wrong for our Memorial Day Weekend appearance at Hops & Props.

THEREFORE …… this SUNDAY - May 30th from 6pm to 9pm + … WE will be performing at Hops & Props on the NEW St. Pete Pier.
Swing on by to catch some smokin' hot LIVE MUSIC played on Fiddle, Guitar(s) and Banjo - we cover a huge range of songs you can sing a-long with, dance to, or just enjoy listening to whilst you drink one or more cold brews.
Hops and Props on the pier in St. Pete is the place to be … see you all there … SUNDAY from 6pm to 9pm and I do mean "y'all"

Hal & Jesse Performing at Hops and Props at the NEW St. Pete Pier
Sun May 30th - 5pm to 8pm +