Hal & Jesse - Appearing Sunday June 6th, 2021 - at Hops & Props from 6pm to 9pm

 Yessssssss …………… HAL & JESSE are returning to HOPS & PROPS this SUNDAY - JUNE 6th from 6pm to 9pm + …

Come on down, grab a seat and catch some smokin' hot LIVE ACOUSTIC MUSIC played on Fiddle, Guitar(s) and Banjo.
We've got tunes for everyone … songs you can sing a-long with, dance to, or just enjoy listening to whilst you drink one or more cold brews and/or have a tasty treat to eat.
Hops and Props on the NEW pier in St. Pete is the place to be … see you all there … SUNDAY from 6pm to 9pm and I do mean "y'all"

Hal & Jesse Performing at Hops and Props at the NEW St. Pete Pier
Sun June 6th - 5pm to 9pm +