Music Equipment List

2 JBL Powered Mains  (
3 JBL Powered Monitors
Stands for Speakers
1 Behringer MX 9000 24/48 channel board (
Cables for everything + lots more cables for daisy chaining and additional “needs”
microphone stands
instrument stands
Fender Acoustasonic 150 Amp (
2 - Shure Mics (one Beta and One SM 58) (
all associated chords for mics
power strip to keep things neat and tidy
power extension chords
instrument cables
a line-6 G30 wireless rig (
in-line tuner
Mackie Pro FX 8 board (new) (
Cable ties and straps, microphone shields, electric tape, magic markers, batteries, 
… and cases for it all.

… and instrument wise:
a Martin D35 - I purchased in 1974 (
Martin D42 - I purchased a few years ago (
Stelling Sunflower Banjo (purchased through Tony Trischka) - 
with KAVANJO head (first Black one made - purchased 2012)
Casio 88 Key - Portable Keyboard (
Keyboard Stand / Cables and Power Chord

Calton Guitar Case (
Martin Guitar Case (
Calton Banjo Case (
finger picks, guitar picks, capos, extra strings, tuners, cloth to wipe down the neck
Keyboard Case

Brief Case with extras +