DAMEON to Lecture for the Maine Magicians - Monday - August 13th

Dameon's Coming to Orlando for the SAM National Convention … oh yeah!

Hal Meyers (aka Dameon Magic) at The Pickled Wrinkle - June 18th

The2Guys are hittin' the Gin Mill in Augusta - Friday April 20th

Hal and Riff Appearing on The Nite Show with Danny Cashman Bangor Maine

Hal Meyers - aka Dameon Magic at the Bacon Tree in Winterport - Friday Jan 12th

Hal Meyers aka Dameon Magic Performing at The Bacon Tree and Heritage on 9

Hal Meyers aka Dameon - Music-ing & Magicing at HERITAGE on 9 - MUG CLUB - Holiday Party - Dec 14th

Hal Meyers - AKA - Dameon Magic Performing at the Gin Mill in Augusta, Maine Sat. Dec 2nd -

Hal Meyers aka Dameon Magic at Heritage on 9 and The Gin Mill -

HAL MEYERS - aka Dameon Magic - playing the STRESS FREE MOOSE - tonight

Hal Meyers / Dameon Magic - The Bacon Tree & The High Tide