Hal Meyers a Banjo Guys asks … Which Poster is Better? With or WITHOUT a HEAD

Okay, it has been mentioned several times to me that my face/head was missing from my recent 4Points BBQ posters. I've been fighting it all along, calling what I did high "Aht" (yes, AHT - with an "H"). But there comes a time when it is necessary to listen …

Hey … I know I'm not a graphic "artist" - I do some 3D animation - which I love to do, I'm really good with rectangles, spheres and triangles - so I certainly don't have a clue what I am doing when it comes to "real" design. I just create "stuff" that looks goodish to me and clearly delivers a message.

I guess the message from the past posters was, "this banjo guy has no head".

After gazing at it for several minutes, I really do like the one with the head better, it's easier for folks to recognize me … that is with a head, I think. 

However, I would still like to know what you think? With or without the head? Your thoughts?

Hal Meyers - Banjo Guy 4Points BBQ Poster with a head

Hal Meyers - Banjo Guy 4Points BBQ Poster without a head
You can email me at: halmbanjoguy@gmail.com

Thanks …