There is nothing like live music in Maine …

Just wanted to mention the NEVAH CABIN FEVAH RELIEVAH concert this past Saturday (Jan 18th, 2014) at the Next Generation Theatre in Brewer, Maine.

… It was a SOLD OUT show …

The audience was truly wonderful and enthusiastically responded to the entire event. From the first set of mostly NEVAH originals to the second set - I call it, "a taste of what makes up NEVAH" - where each band member did a piece(s) they wanted in either as a soloist or in small groups culminating with a few NEVAH fan favorites.

I chose to do a solo acoustic guitar piece … "Humpty Dumpty" from Aztec Two Step … a wonderful tale with a beautiful melody and enchanting lyrics. I played it on my Martin D-42 - a terrific instrument with an amazing sound and playability.

… and my son JOSH, ran sound for us - on the Behringer Eurodesk MX 9000 (48/24 channel board). He's actually studying Audio engineering at Columbia College in Chicago. Not braggin', but Mike Dow of Mike & Mike radio fame and everyone else at the show said it was the best sound we've ever had … oh yeah.

And … many folks commented that this was the best show for NEVAH … evah. I certainly give the guys high marks for a wonderful performance. We worked many, many weeks on the show and doubled up on rehearsals the last three weeks.

So … thank you everyone for coming out to the show and supporting the NEVAH band.