Dameon's Close-up Magic Gig in Maine

Oh yeah … Dameon did a close-up gig the other evening - in Bangor Maine. This one was a lot of fun. But before I go into the actual CU-GIG … let’s start at the beginning:

I was called on the phone, by my wife, and told that I’d won something - I was clueless, but certainly excited to “win something” … then there was a slight communication correction … I didn’t win something, I was offered as a magical prize to help raise money for a charitable organization in Maine. Okay, fine … I don’t mind doing some magic for a charitable event … but and however, when I was told this I had to set some ground rules:
  1. One Intimate Close-up Magic Performance (not a stage act or show)
  2. Duration of CU - approx 60 minutes - at the winners desired location
  3. Adults only - (sorry, I don’t do children’s magic, it scares me even though I have watched Danny Orleans “the Art of Presenting Magic to Children”)
  4. Performance is for approximately 20 people (figuring a CU show at a table with folks seated and standing around)
  5. Alcohol should be served … makes the magic look better.
  6. Oh … and I valued the CU presentation at: $1500.00 (because)
I provided a “gift certificate” indicating the ground rules.

Dameon'sCloseup Magic Gift Certificate

Not sure exactly how this auction was handled, but and however I heard through the “wife-vine” that the person who initially “won me” - wasn’t thrilled … the first words out of their mouth was, “I don’t have any children” … it was then pointed out that it was for adults only … then they said, “they don’t really like magic”  … upon hearing this another person rushed over and swapped gifts. Someone who knew my background and realized that it was a golden opportunity (it’s a reference to my age - not the actual value of the CU Magic). 

So I was officially, “won’d” … and a date was set for the event. However, in between the set-time/date a few parameters changed: more people were invited to what was going to be a slightly larger event, and in that case I decided to do walk-around for an hour or more as opposed to doing an hour show in one location.

For the next few weeks on and off, while doing “other magical” things I start preparing for the CU-gig. Playing, practicing, trying not to damage my hands, trying to avoid cuts and scrapes which always seemed to happen right before commercial auditions.

Part 2 of the CU Gig … THE DAY OF THE GIG