Hal Meyers - Acoustic Music in Maine at 4 Points BBQ

Wow …

After a full equipment set-up with my NEW Mackie 8 channel ProFX board, my JBL monitor (room doesn't require a large speaker), my Beta SP microphone, Line 6 Wireless G-30 Rig, Acoustasonic 150 amp, Martin D-42 and my Stelling Sunflower with the Jet Black Kavanjo Banjo head … everything was in working order, and I knew what to plug in and where to plug it in. I packed it all up put it into my Chevy Van and headed out to the 4Points Barbecue and Blues House for my evenings gig.

Hal Meyers - Maine Acoustic Music - sings, plays banjo and guitar at the
4Points BBQ in Winterport Maine 
Oh yeah …

… in a nut shell, had a blast.

The set-up was quick and easy, the sound coming out of the system was sweet. The smell of amazing BBQ permeated the air and with a sip or two from my Winterport Winery Blueberry Wine I was ready to go … 

Hal Meyers playing acoustic music on his Martin D-42 - whilst wearing a Martin Guitar thermal shirt
while performing at the 4Points BBQ in Winterport, Maine
Truth be told, it was a light turn out but a nice group of folks. Many stayed way after their meals were finished to join in with the "singing" … 

I played for two hours straight … because … took a ten minute break, played another hour and then, shortly before closing time a group of folks came in, placed their orders and I decided to stay until they were done. That was - as long as they wanted to hear some tunes - they did, I stayed. I even invited one of the folks to have a little "jam" on a song or two. They were having a blast.

… and to top off the evening Dameon (my aka magic side came out) threw in a couple of card tricks just to "blow their minds".

Ah yes, even with the Sochi Olympics competition … a good time was had by all at the 4Points BBQ in Winterport Maine.

Can't wait for my next gig there, which is March 14th (a Friday).

See you then …