Hal Meyers LIVE Acoustic Music at the 4Points BBQ in Winterport, Maine

Okay …

I'm very excited that this coming FRIDAY - Feb. 7th - (only a few days from today) … I'm appearing/performing, again, at the amazing 4points BBQ in Winterport … where the food is Hot and Mighty Tasty and the Beverages are Cool, Plentiful and perfect compliment to the scrumptious BBQ. And that's the truth, the whole truth and nuthin' but the … you get it, I ain't telling' no lie!

I'll be starting the acoustic music at 5:00 pm and playing until 8:00 pm

Got my Martin D42 and Stelling Banjo (with the new Jet Black Kavanjo Banjo Head) - all tuned and ready to go …

Hal Meyers - playing Acoustic music at the 4Points BBQ in Winterport, Maine

I'm really looking forward to a terrific time with a lot of singin', laughin', playin' … oh, and drinkin' and eatin' too. And hopefully I'll get a few folks up on-stage to play along with a couple o' tunes.

– hope to see you all there …