NEVAH Appearing at the Bangor Grange - March 15th

Oh yeah … we've had a lot of folks asking us when our NEXT NEVAH Concert is going to be held. It seems they can't wait until the June appearance at the 
… well … Guess what? 

Saturday March 15th NEVAH is opening the 
and it coincides with a fantastic
(we're talking' really good food) 
St. Patricks Day Supper as well.

The supper is $7.00
The show is $8.00
– the experience is priceless - 
(Sorry, had to add the last line)

or you can have both for 
… ready for this … 
an unbelievable $13.00
NEVAH appearing at the Bangor Grange - the poster.

Hope to see you all there …

the NEVAH banjo guy