Adding NEW Tunes for an upcoming Gig

As you know … or may not, tonight (Friday June 20th) - Larry LeBlanc (the amazing NEVAH Guitarist-ah) and I will be "duet-ing" at the Kenduskeag Golf & Country Club at the Wrong Turn Pub … music starts at 8:00 (probably a bit earlier - simply because).

We've got some new tunes to listen to and/or sing along with … lots of laughs in store … and some magical surprises too.

Live Acoustic Music in Maine from Hal Meyers and Larry Leblanc
appearing Friday June 20th at the Kenduskeag Golf and Country Club's
… and that's what I wanted to touch on briefly. New Tunes. I've got well over 4 hours of material that I can and have performed on my own … stuff I like to sing, obscure-ish covers that folks have heard, songs with terrific melodies and incredible words. However, I believe that variety is the key to folks wanting to hear more … and … since I have asked Larry and Richard the guitar and mandolin players from NEVAH to join me I was thoroughly delighted and excited to have them bring some of their music to the mix. It is more exciting for them to play a few things they like, and the audience is treated to some tremendous playing.

Larry presented me with a list of tunes, some we've done in the past and some we've never done and we spent a good 3+ hours going over these pieces, arranging them to our liking, finding the right keys and going over some harmonies and instrumental breaks. In addition, not create any more pressure on us, I added a few more numbers as well … they're a secret for the moment but I think the audience will like them.

The question you are probably wondering is "how can we add these tunes so quickly?" - I think it's because one of us is generally very familiar with the tune and are comfortable following the song leader … therefore we're jumping right in and will present at least 5 new tunes tonight.

… and on top of that I am planning a few different Magic effects that I want to show everyone at the pub.

Should be tons of fun … hopefully I'll remember all the words. Hopefully.