Live Acoustic Music in Maine with Hal Meyers and Larry LeBlanc

Tomorrow … Saturday August 16th … Larry LeBlanc, the NEVAH guitar playin' guru and I (Hal) the NEVAH banjo guy are performing in LONG COVE as a duo.

It's a private - sorta - gig for a "club" down that-a way. Should be a lot of fun. We have quite a few songs between us that we've practiced and been playing in the trio along with Richard Silver … and some additional material that Larry and I have played as a duo.

It's about a two hour drive from where I live in Eddington, Maine … nice country … rolling hills, lush blueberry fields, farms or all shapes and sizes … all the way down to the cove.

And once you hit the cove area … it's quite magical. Lots of sail and power boats in the protected waters. Very cool!

Hal Meyers the NEVAH Banjo Guy and Larry LeBlanc the NEVAH Guitar Guru
performing LIVE acoustic music in maine at the Long Cove Club
And … we get to turn this performance into a "sing-a-long" event, you know, playing familiar tunes that the audience will know and join in on the verses and choruses. 

It's going to be a blast.

The Music starts at 7:00 pm - hope to see lots of folks there.