Hal Meyers and Peter Samelson with Bill Murray - What About Bob - Live Special Effect - 1990/1991

Just had to post this … after my son posted a "Seven Steps to Living a Bill Murray Life" … on his FB page …
… Peter Samelson and I had a company called, "The Magic Source" - besides live theatrical shows and corporate work we did several commercials, print ad things, live demos using magic … and a couple of "live" special effects for films. We created a bit in 1990/1991 for "What About Bob" with Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfus …

Hal Meyers & Peter Samelson on Set with Bill Murray Practicing the Live Magical Special Effect they created for
What About Bob - circa 1990/1991
Here are two photos of Peter and I with "Mr. Murray" on the set … working with the "prop" … the CU shows the "Toothbrush" we created for the film. Bill Murray's character is supposed to swallow a Toothbrush - several times in the film. We actually did it … a little too effectively as they cut the shots of him swallowing the toothbrush - probably a little too realistic and gross. But it worked.

Close-up of the Toothbrush Live Magical Special Effect Hal Meyers and Peter Samelson created for
What About Bob - with Bill Murray - circa 1990/1991