Hal's 3D Holiday Animation for Lakeland Bank (NJ)

… as some of you may or may not know (most folks don't know), I do a bunch of 3D animation work - I'm pretty good with sprees and cubes - but that's about my expertise. For the last few years I did a series of "Animated Holiday Greetings" for Lakeland Bank in NJ … through a Montville NJ company called SGW.

My very good friend and amazing SGW Art Director Leo Montes De Oca and I just finished creating and putting together this years Holiday 3D animation for Lakeland Bank - it should be televised in NJ in a few days, from what I heard, and was just uploaded to their web site 

This is the third in the series  … I hope you like it. Below is a screen shot.

Hal's & Leo's - Lakeland Bank 3D Holiday Card
(a screen shot)
Here's the link to the web animation: 

We're also going to do a directors cut in the near future adding all of our crazy details that couldn't make the web and TV versions because of time constraints. 

All the 3D elements were modeled in FormZ and then Animated, Textured and Rendered in Electric Image (EIAS), then Leo composited elements and added the cool flavor with AE (after effects). Leo also provided all the still textures and animated texture maps in the buildings - which will be prominent in our "directors cut".

Enjoy …