NEVAH at 4Points BBQ - LIVE Music

Tonight … 

I am delighted to let you know that NEVAH … oh yeah … I said NEVAH is performing TONGIHT Saturday - June 13th - at the Legendary  4Points BBQ & Blues House - 
The show featuring Phil Pitula on Bass, Ed Russell on Flute, Sax and Percussive thingys, Richard Silver on Mandolin, Lawrence LeBlanc on Guitar and Banjo, Eric Brown on Congas and Snare, Jack Anderson on Pedal Steel and Guitar, Mark Shane on the Audio Console and me (Hal) on Banjo and Guitar … and everyone on Vocals (even caught Mark humming a few tunes during practice) … starts rockin' at 6pm and ends at 9pm (it's the law).

NEVAH at 4Points BBQ - Live Music in Maine

… so come on by for some smokin' BBQ, great beer, and some hot musical entertainment - 145 Main St. - Winterport Maine.

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NEVAH Bangor Daily News On-line

Call for tickets and further info: 207-223-9929
NEVAH in the Bangor Daily NEWS
… Oh yeah - hope to see you ALL there …