Hal Meyers (aka Dameon) Musical Magical Weekend - Bangor's ARTober Fest & Fiddlehead Restaurant

Youch … time is a flying … not enough hours in the day and I've got soooooooo much to do (magic pictures are coming from both ABBOTTS and MAES - I promise) 

… but & however, in the meantime -
This Friday - Oct 2nd - NEVAH (for my friends on FB who don't know, I play banjo and guitar and sing - sort of - if you call it that in NEVAH) - is the KICKOFF Act for the ARTober Fest in Bangor … yeah … you know what I'm talking' about, 45 minutes of pure NEVAH starting at 7:00 pm … 
Location: Union St. BRICK CHURCH - 107 Union St., Bangor

And … guess what????
Did you guess yet????
It's Free??? 
NEVAH at BANGOR's ARTober Fest 

Bangor ARTober Fest Schedule of Events

Bangor ARTober Fest Event Locations

and then 
… ready for this 
… I know you are 
… almost ready that is 
… on Saturday Oct 3rd

… the3guys: that is Richard Silver, Larry LeBlanc and yours truly are appearing at the FIDDLEHEAD Restaurant from 10pm to midnight.
That's almost half of NEVAH performing an entirely different brand of musicalishness.
Plus the food and beverage selection at the Fiddlehead Restaurant is magnifique to say the least.
Singing, sing-a-longing, laughing, eating, drinking, more drinking …
… and there most likely will be - during one of the breaks - some sleight of hand prestidigitation at your table … mind boggling magical miracles (okay so they're just tricks, but they are pretty cool and should shatter your understanding of reality … a little bit)

the3guys at the FIDDLEHEAD restaurant Sat Oct 3rd
This is going to be one heck of a weekend … first with NEVAH and then the3guys … you don't want to miss it … seriously.
See you this FRIDAY and SATURDAY nights … yeah!!!!!