The Belfast Breeze Inn Presents Hal Meyers Sleight of Hand Magic and Live Acoustic Music Dec 19th

I know, I know it's more than a week away … but and however … I wanted you to know that I will be "appearing" (an inside magic type of joke) at the lovely Belfast Breeze Inn & Music by the Bay in Belfast, Maine on Saturday - December 19th …
… the evenings entertainment is from 6pm to 8pm … with lots of live acoustic music played on banjo and guitar (possibly a couple of tunes on piano too - it can happen), singing, laughing, all while … fantastic cuisine and delicious beverages are being served.
Hal Meyers - aka Dameon - Live Acoustic Music and Sleight-of-Hand Prestidigitation
 in Maine at the Belfast Breeze Inn
… and after dessert some sleight-of-hand prestidigitation will be presented to tickle your fancy and make you say, "WHAAAAAAAAT". It can happen.
Please call 207-505-5231 for reservations. Or visit, reservations are also available on

I'll remind you about this again next week …