Dameon - aka Hal Meyers - Magic and Music - Winterport, Bangor and Brewer Maine

… wow time flies when you are rehearsing and preparing for "tons" of upcoming events (well, more than two) … 

… I'll post a few of them now and then fill in other "cool magical-isa stuff" that's happening at a later date.

First - I'm at the fantastic 4Points BBQ and Blues House on Friday March 25th - from 5 to 8 pm … oh yeah, great BBQ, Fine Beer, Music, singing, laughter and some a-magicing too.

Dameon - aka Hal Meyers performing Music and Magic
at the 4Pts BBQ in Winterport - Maine

Then … Sunday April 10th I am performing at the Hollywood Casino in Bangor from 6pm to 9pm … it's a blast - only music. Great drinks served by some amazing Baristas … and some terrific gaming tables … seriously great time.

Hal Meyers - Performing Music at the Hollywood Casino in Bangor Maine
Kavanjo Banjo Head ready to rock  I mean banjo!
Then … and hold onto your hats NEVAH - yes, you heard it hear … NEVAH is … again … appearing at the NEXT Generation Theatre on April 16th … our 5th (sort of cabin fever relieved)
Hal Meyers - performing with NEVAH
at the NEXT GENERATION THEATRE in Brewer Maine.
Kavanjo Banjo Head ready to rock  I mean banjo!

…………… and there is more to come!