Greenville 43rd Annual Fly-In Features Hal Meyers - AKA Dameon Magic - at the Stress Free Moose

Okay … kinda of giving you an early heads up so you can get yourself strapped in, strapped down and ready to take off down the runway of life and head out to the …
43rd Annual International Seaplane Fly-in, oh yeah, the mother of all Fly-In's (not really sure if that's true but it sounds good).
That's right - the2guys - Hal Meyers (yours truly - the Maine Banjo Guy) and Richard Silver (truly a terrific Mando-guy), along with our trusty Sound Engineer - Mark Shane (truly great audio guy) - are appearing, not once but twice, yeah, two days in a row … and I mean days …
SATURDAY & SUNDAY - Sept 10th & 11th from 2:00pm to 6:00pm at the one and only STRESS FREE MOOSE Pub and Cafe, located at 65 Moosehead Lake Road in Greenville, ME … 207-695-3100
Hal Meyers - aka Dameon Magic - Playing Music and Perfoming Sleight-of-hand
at the Stress Free Moose in Greenville during the 43rd Annual International Fly-in
I'll be playing my Stelling Banjo with the amazing Kavanjo Banjo Head - oh yeah.
This is going to be one heck of a GREAT weekend of non-stop fly-ins, great food and drink, super folks and lots of music, singing, laughing, drinking of the beer, more laughing, sing-a-longing … and if there is time … even some pure sleight-of-hand magic-ing.
So, mark it on your calendar, come out to Greenville for a tremendous time during the Fly-in at the fantabulous Stress Free Moose.
… be there, or be there … it's the place to be ………… there!