Hal Meyers (aka Dameon Magic) at The Pickled Wrinkle - June 18th

Okay - a few "things" happening this month prior to the "magic thing" - but first "thing" first …
The2Guys are performing on Monday June 18th, 2018 - at the one and only Pickled Wrinkle - 9 E Schoodic Dr. - Birch Harbor, ME … 
Hal Meyers - aka Dameon Magic - performing at The Pickled Wrinkle
Monday June 18th from 5pm on
The musical fun starts at 5pm and continues til 8pm. Lots of singing, laughing, sing-a-longing, drinking, eating, song selecting, and of course more drinking. And maybe a little magic-ing too.
For further information call: 207-963-7916 or visit FB - The Pickled Wrinkle
Hope to see you all there (and you too of course)
Hal (one of the 2 guys)