NEVAH Performing LIVE MUSIC in Maine at Old Town's Summer Concert in the Park Series - August 14th

Hey there friends and fans of NEVAH … this Thursday, August 14th -  from 6:30 to 8:00 pm … we, NEVAH will be performing - LIVE - in the Old Town Library's - Concert in the Park Series.

Looking forward to a wonderful evening of music at the Gazebo.

FYI: If it's raining we will still be performing at the Elks Club on 4th Street Extension.

The NEVAH Band presents Live Music in Maine at the Old Town Library's
Summer Concert in the Park Series
I really love these gigs because they are spread out and it gives me a chance to let my Kavanjo Banjo head shine. With the Kavanjo hook-up, I have the freedom of movement when combined with my Line 6 - Wireless system and my Fender Acoustasonic amp. What's nice, and I have said this before - the Kavanjo Banjo Head system - has allowed my banjo to be heard in NEVAH - an 8 piece band … with a drummer/percussionist/sax/guitar (acoustic and electric)/mandolin/electric bass/pedal steel. 

Hal's playing live music in Maine with his Stelling Sunflower with a Jet Black Kavanjo Banjo Head
… along with his Line 6 Wireless transmitter.
Now that's a lot of LIVE sound that you have to blend with and then be heard during solos, kick-offs and a few moments when a banjo riff is called upon.

The Kavanjo Banjo head is certainly up to the task!