Live Acoustic Music at THE PICKLED WRINKLE - Hal Meyers and Larry LeBlanc -

Hey there - all you Mainers looking for something to do THIS Friday night (tomorrow that is). Well, it's a happenin' in Birch Harbor at the PICKLED WRINKLE …

the2guys … Hal and Larry (that's me the NEVAH banjo Guy and Larry the NEVAH Guitar guru) are performing LIVE ACOUSTIC MUSIC from 5pm to 8pm.

Located at: 9 E. Schoodic Dr. in fabulous Birch Harbor, ME - 207-963-7916

Hal Meyers - Live Acoustic Music at the Pickled Wrikle - and Sleight of Hand Magic by Dameon (also Hal)
Great food, lots o' laughin', eating', drinkin', more drinkin', singin-along-in' … and a little magic-in' too. 

Be there or be there … hope to see some or ALL of you (and you know who "you" are) … tomorrow night.