Dameon at Magicians Alliance of Eastern States and pre–MAES Lecture

I am very excited to let you know that in a few weeks I will be in NJ presenting a pre-MAES lecture at Marc Desouza's … on Sept 8th. Hopefully I will get to see some old friends and meet new ones - at the lecture and then a couple of days later at the MAES where I will be performing on Saturday night …
Marc sent out a nice email to a number of folks about the lecture - heck, I'd even go to see this guy:

From Marc Desouza …

Hi All,
I am excited to announce two more lectures added to our fall line-up. The first takes place on Tuesday, September 8th. The lecturer is Hal Meyers, aka, Dameon. Hal is booked for the MAES Convention later that week, but will not be lecturing there. Some of you may remember Hal from his frequent performances in revue shows in Casinos in Atlantic City. He also performed at one of the East Coast Magic Spectaculars with his fantastic Dove and manipulation act. Hal dropped off the magic scene for a number of years, but never stopped performing for lay audiences. Well, he’s back now and better than ever. In fact, he just performed at the Abbott’s Get-Together and won the coveted Bill Baird Award for Manipulation. His lecture got a tremendous response and many claimed it was the best lecture they’d seen. Hal refers to the lecture as a “back to basics” lecture for stand-up workers. The accent is on manipulative magic, but don’t think that means hard. It is a real soup to nuts lecture. First, when you walk in you will get a number of props that you get to keep, a ball, balloons, rope, cards, etc. This way, you can actually follow along with the various moves Hal will be teaching, if you wish. He will cover a number of card moves and even a full card manipulation routine, ball flourishes, vanishes and color changes, rope moves, ring and rope, thimbles and even Dove magic. He has some great and practical ideas and teaches them really well. He even has a clear set of tails to show you all of the pockets and holders. He also teaches you his entire manipulation act set-up, from cases and containers to the necessary emergency kit. Finally, he shows you how to make his special card castle and an easy to make dove cage. There will be lots of bonus material and new ideas. If you have any interest in stand-up magic, this is a lecture you will not want to miss. The fee is only $25.00 and you can reserve your seat right now.