Hal Meyers Opens for Mainely Country and the Mallett Brothers at the Matrix - Friday August 26th

I was going to wait until AFTER this Friday's gig at the PUB in THE PORT … but and however … I couldn't hold it in …
Hal Meyers  - aka Dameon - performs Music and Sleight of hand Magic at the Pub in the Port - This Friday
He'll be playing his Stelling Banjo with Amazing Kavanjo Banjo Head

Okay, it's been set .... FRIDAY – AUG 26TH .... at the MATRIX located at the Mt. Jefferson Ski Resort in Lee Maine .... 
Guess who's going to be makin' some crazy music, letting the good times roll, singing, laughing, getting you to tap your toes, sing along and kick up some dust with a little Country Styled fun … 

Yeah … ME … holy cow … playing BEFORE and IN BETWEEN - 

Hal Meyers - Opening at the Matrix - Pictured with his Stelling Banjo and Kavanjo Banjo Head

………… ready for this:

The Mainely Country band and The Mallett Brothers (seriously, I'm not kidding … I already pinched myself twice)

The Mallett Brothers at the Matrix

Mainely Country Band at the Matrix

The Music and good times start at 4PM TICKETS 20$ DAILY 30$ WITH CAMPING KIDS 14 UNDER FREE
Okay, that's all for now … I've got to rehearse … Pub in The Port friday and the Matrix next Friday. Oh yeah … now where did I put my boots and cowboy hat??