SWEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTT … the Bluegrass Pirates had two awesome concerts this past week … but and however, before I get to that and future stuff(s). Those who know me can tell you when I'm driving I call folks to say hello and catch up. Last Thursday I'm on my way to the UNDER THE PALMS - gig - and I called my sister from Jersey. She picks up and we chat, and then she says, "I saw you're playing today, where?" I told her the town … but she keeps asking more questions, and being as perceptive as I am I don't pick up on what she's laying down. I end our chat because I'm getting close to the venue.

I get to the venue and I get a text from her - and she says - "Okay, give me the freaking address (don't believe she used the word "freaking") - we are in town (was in FL with a friend) and I'm crashing your show". I was shocked, surprised and thoroughly delighted. Haven't seen her in 5 years. Check out the photos. And the performance was a blast - they already booked us for a return engagement in 2024.
Thennnnn … Immediately after that gig (same day) I had an amazing Woodwright Brewing Company Pickin' Splinters Open Mic Bluegrass Jam. More on that coming.
Two days later the Bluegrass Pirates were again in concert at the FROG CREEK RV RESORT. And wowwww - it was a fantastic time. Packed house with an amazing response.
"Thank you Andy and the Bluegrass Pirates for a FABULOUS afternoon of Music" - LKM
"They were great" - MN
"Been listening to live entertainment in the FC clubhouse for 10 years, and in my opinion, they are the best yet" - KB
"Super group & great songs! Please come back next year!" - DS
"Loved it" - LK
–– and again - please check out the photos.
Okay, here is the MORE ON THAT section … this Thursday March 23th - The Woodwright Brewing Company Pickin' Splinters Open Mic Bluegrass Jam in Dunedin, FL - hosted by Moi - is happening again - from 7 to 10pm. check out the photos … we had a fantabulous time and the audience was incredibly enthusiastic.
Ohhhh … The award winning Beer starts flowing at 5pm along with terrific cuisine from The Duneatery. As always - we are playing rain or shine.
Dates to keep in mind:
Thu - Mar 23, 2023 - Woodwright Brewing Co. - Dunedin, Fl 7:00 - 10:00pm - Hal Hosting BG Jam
Thu - Mar 30, 2023 - Woodwright Brewing Co. - Dunedin, Fl 7:00 - 10:00pm - Hal Hosting BG Jam
Sat - Apr 1, 2023 - Palm Harbor Moose lodge - Palm Harbor, FL 7:30 - 10:30pm
… and more coming. Please visit the Bluegrass Pirates website for further info and to view our ever expanding calendar.