Hal aka Dameon Performs Close-up Magic for a Maine Fundraiser - The Prep

My first performance love is "magic", and since moving to Maine I have taken a hiatus from the "magic scene" for the most part … however, yesterday … January 12, 2014 I had a chance to perform some close-up for a fundraiser.

Now please don't get me wrong, I am in touch with many of my magic friends, I browse the web for numerous magical tidbits of information, I recently wrote an article about a trip I took over 20+ years ago to the DPRK (yes, North Korea) and I practice something magical on a daily basis. 

Newly designed DAMEON business Card

Two years ago I performed for Maine's AHA (American Heart Association's Grand Fundraiser Ball) … resurecting my dove act, and adding a few new pieces … working to LIVE music (more on that later).

And prior to that I did a few close-up gigs at various functions. And was flown to Hong Kong to perform at a private party. Yet, another blog.

A good friend of mine who has been extremely helpful with an ongoing project of mine was throwing a fundraiser for a friend of hers. I volunteered to come to the event a walk around doing some close-up. Something I truly enjoy doing.

So I spent the better part of several days, practicing my close-up sequence, making sure everything would flow from one effect to another. Made sure my suit looked good. Polished my shoes, ironed my shirt and buffed my nails slightly to get a noticeable but dullish sheen. 

The day of the event I practiced a bit more … then I packed my "close-up case" … dressed, looked in the mirror for approval … I approved and left for the gig.

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