Preparing for a SOLO Music Gig in Maine - Part 1 - Just say YES!

My goal for this site is to post something everyday, if physically possible, even if it is a minor thought or description from the days events/experiences. 

Kicking off day two … instead of talking about magic I thought I would start out with a series of thoughts and steps I've taken to prepare myself as a "solo" musician. Or should I say re-invent myself as a solo musical performer. I actually solo'd and played in a duet while attending Ramapo college - located in Mahwah, New Jersey.

However, that was a long, long, long time ago … (eh-yup we're talking' quite a while)

I currently reside in Eddington, Maine and was blown away by the number of amazingly talented musicians I've come across over the last ten years since moving to Maine from New Jersey. I am in a band called NEVAH, a terrific group of musicians whose talent is endless. As a band, we are unique in many ways … but as a soloist I had to figure out a way to offer something a little different from everyone else around here.

NEVAH Logo I created for the group
When I was asked by the owner of 4Points Barbecue in Winterport Maine if I wanted to do some solo appearances at the restaurant during the winter I waited approximately 1.25 seconds to say, "YES" and immediately set out to write down every song I could think of that I knew how to play, or thought I remembered how to play, or would like to play.

4Points BBQ - Great Food, Great Music
Therefore, for me my first step to getting my solo music thing happening was to say "YES" - as I stated in the about me area of this site, "I am an entertainer by choice" - I love to play guitar, banjo and piano … so "YES" was the correct response.

The second thing was to put together a song list … which took a couple of weeks.

part 2: My Song List … or … I can't believe I forgot the Lyrics and Chords