Preparing for the SOLO Music Gig - Part 5 - Practice Instruments and Writing a New Tune

I spent a lot of time working on the tunes … the basics, chords, lyrics, ebb and flow, banter … then I needed to work out the style of playing for each instrument and each song. 

When playing the guitar there are certain tunes I like to finger pick, and during the course of the tune I add hints of the melody, some harmonics and little touches that make the tune come alive. I use a thumb pick and three metal finger picks (Nationals) - I use National plastic thumb picks too, but and however, I prefer my "BlueChip Resonator Thumbpick" - Large size - I acquired from Janet Davis Music, with a recommendation from one of her sales "folk". It has a wonderful feel and makes my Martin guitar "ring"

National Thumb Pick

National Finger Picks

BlueChip Resonator Thumb Pick

… and for the Stelling Sunflower Banjo … the BlueChip Thumb pick gives a crisp clean sound when playing and adds extra comfort to my thumb.

I also took extra time to work out fun banjo versions of a Beatles medley, Piano Man, Classical Gas some Banjo classics and quite a few other wonderful tunes - just check out the list under the songs tab to see what tunes are played on what instrument. 

Heck, better yet, come to one of my upcoming gigs and sing along and/or request one of the songs from the list.

NOW … I decided, on top of all the "regular prep", as though that wasn't enough pressure, to write a song related to the 4Points Barbecue & Blue House. And since it is a blues house I thought I'd try something' in the key of "E" with a nice blues riff. Something I could strum and throw in a little bass riff with an occasional up the neck lead line (which is sort of out of my current skill set that I am working on improving).

I've attached the lyrics here and in a few days try to record a quick version … with some changes (I'll explain later).

Hal's Original 4Points BBQ Song - in the key of "E"
And so you have it … I've selected the songs, worked out the keys, chosen the instrument for each song, worked out the sets, written a special song, practiced acoustically …

Part 6: Getting the Solo Gig equipment ready