Hal Meyers aka Dameon is Interviewed by the Tokyo Shimbun

I had a wonderful phone interview with some reporters from the Tokyo Shimbun newspaper a few days ago. The interview focused on my recently published article about my attending and performing magic in 1991 at the "Friendship Arts Festival" in the DPRK (North Korea). 

Dameon photo (the way I looked back in 1991)
It turns out that one of the reporters went to Ramapo College and graduated in 2009 - a few years after me. When she saw this months "alumni profile" and then the link to my DPRK article in the Ramapo e-newsletter she contacted me immediately. It turns out that it's rare for anyone to have visited North Korea, rarer still to have performed in North Korea and even rarer-er to have a picture taken with Kim Il Sung … the current leaders grandfather. Who was not more than twelve feet from you. 

From the Cover of Vanish - the on-line Magic Magazine
This is from a photo I have of the entire Circus Group of performers.
Kim Il Sung is in the first row 4th from the left in a dark Black Suit - I'm the tall guy in the back
The article has not been published yet, and I haven't seen anything either, however, one question that stands out in my mind was, "would you ever want to go back" … my answer was simple, "this was a ONCE in a lifetime trip".

Dameon Business Card