Hal Meyers Magical Trip to North Korea in the Ramapo College E-newsletter

I was delighted to find out that my trip to the DPRK (North Korea) in 1991 - is highlighted in this months Ramapo College e-newsletter - alumni profile.


Here are a couple of collages from the "Friendship Arts Festival" I put together for the alumni profile.

Clockwise L-R: DPRK Magi with Mundaka and Hal - Cuban Jugglers with Hal & Mundaka
The "Circus" Theatre, Hal at a DPRK Department store (juggling a little)

Clockwise L-R: The Circus Group at Friendship Arts Festival (Kim Il Sung Ctr in Front Row)
Mundaka, Jong (Our DPRK Guide)< Hal
Diploma Received at conclusion of event
All the Magicians from the Arts Festival at the 1st Ever un-official DPRK Magic Convention
(held in Hal & Mundaka's Hotel Room)

If you would like to read the full article it starts on page 36 of this link: