Greenville Maine's - StressFree Moose Presents Hal Meyers - Friday & Sat 23/24

I am soooo excited … my booker guy - you all know him as Triple-D - has been really busy sending out my "stuff" and contacting other venues within the STATE. And sure enough … we landed a wonderful gig … in, are you ready for this … Greenville, at The StressFree Moose Pub/Cafe … oh yeah. And it's the Weekend of the 8th Annual Moosehead Lake Togue Derby with Ricky Craven. BINGO!!!!
Hal Meyers - Live Acoustic Music in Greenville Friday and Saturday
So I hope to see some of you there, this weekend, I'm playing from 7PM to 11PM - Friday and Saturday (count-em 2 Days) and will also be performing some sleight-of-hand/prestidigitation/close-up - Magical kinda effects … 

The funny part is no one realizes that when I start doing magic I become my Dameon character … without the costume and (I know) the hair.

This is going to be a blast!!!! And who knows maybe I'll bundle up and try to catch a prize winning Togue.

The NEVAH Banjo guy, aka The Maine Banjo guy, aka Dameon