Hal Meyers and Larry LeBlanc - Saturday Night at the Big Easy Lounge in Bangor, Maine

Okay - fans and friends of NEVAH … normally I would never post twice in a week … but this is big, actually twice as big as the last post.

… guess what … just, and I mean just picked up a gig for this Saturday night (Jan 17th) at the "Big Easy Lounge " locate in the Charles Inn. For sure it's going to be the2guys Hal Meyers - the NEVAH Banjo Guy and Larry LeBlanc - the NEVAH Guitar Guru and quite possible the3guys (Hal, Larry and Richard Silver - the NEVAH Mandolin Maven) … 

Hal Meyers and Larry LeBlanc bring LIVE Acoustic Music to the Big Easy Lounge
Located at the Charles Inn - Bangor, Maine
… this will be an exciting evening of music - some nifty harmonies and lots of musicianship stuff, tons of singing, sing-a-longing, almost continuous laughter (that'll be me) … and a huge selection of fantastic beers and mixed drinks (Paul is a Master Mixologist) … and some pretty amazing close-up magic too.

Hope to see you all at there … at both the 4Pts BBQ on Friday night (solo thing) and Saturday night at the Big Easy with the Dynamic Duo (sorry for the DD thing) …

Hal Meyers presents LIVE Acoustic Music on Banjo and Guitar at the 4Pts BBQ and Blues House
Friday Night - in Winterport, Maine

… oh yeah … it's going to be fun …