Hal Meyers Live Acoustic Music in Maine at the 4Points BBQ in Winterport

Well, well, well … friends and fans of NEVAH, thought I'd let you know that I (Hal the NEVAH banjo guy - hmmm kinda rhymes) … will be performing at the incredible 4pts BBQ and Blues House in Winterport, Maine … this Friday - January 16th from 5pm to 8pm. Tel: 207-223-9929

I hope you all can make it, lots of live acoustic music played on Banjo and Guitar, laughing, great BBQ, beer, singing, singing-alonging (especially to the tunes you know), more beer which ultimately leads to more laughing and very loud singing …
Hal Meyers Live Acoustic Music in Maine at the 4Pts BBQ in Winterport Maine

… oh, oh, oh and prestidigitation, sleight-of-hand … okay some pretty cool magical-type tricks performed right in front of your very eyes. Did I mention beer?

… and if I'm really lucky hopefully some of my NEVAH brethren will come on down and join me for a few tunes. Oh yeah …

Hope to see you all this Friday.