DAMEON at ABBOTTS 78th Magic Get Together

Here are just a few images from this years Abbotts 78th Magic Get together … had a blast, loved lecturing and performing, meeting new folks … and sharing the stage with an extremely talented cast:

John Bundy and Morgan, Keith Fields, Leland Faulkner, Peter Samelson … oh, and me (Dameon - aka Hal Meyers).

What a show …

Backstage - Keith Fields, Dameon, Peter Samelson, Leland Faulkner

Dameon receives the Bill Baird/Neil Foster Manipulation Award

Dameon and Leland inside Abbots Magic Shop

Dameon, Morgan, Peter, Leland and John - after the show (and what a show it was)

Leland and Dameon outside the Dealers building

Leland and Dameon - just arrived in Colon - yeah

We all stayed at the BRICK HOUSE - Peter Samelson, Tom Mullica, Leland Faulkner, Dameon

Peter with the Jack Gwynne Award, Keith Fields with the Karrell Fox Award, Dameon with the Bill Baird/Neil Fotser Award … we are sharing them with the Masterful MC Leland Faulkner