Hal Meyers (aka Dameon) Music and Magic at 4Points BBQ in Winterport Maine - This Friday Oct 23rd

YES, in answer to the question, "will I be appearing (a magical inside joke), performing, playing singing, laughing and magicianing at the fabulous 4Points BBQ and Blues house this Friday Oct 23rd from 5pm to 8pm in the lovely town of Winterport?" (thank you for asking by the way) 
It's going to be a blast … hot barbecue, even hotter BBQ sauces, a huge selection to choose from, tasty wines and beer … mountain dew (and by the way, if you haven't tried the "sampler platter" at 4Points I highly recommend it as a way to get a taste of "everything") … 
… and music, lots of singing, listening, singing-a-longing, laughing … drinking, eating, more singing and laughing, and …
… then at some time in the evening I will present a slew of sleight of hand effects, prestidigitation, you got it … magic stuff … right under your noses … or chins … really up to you how close you want to get. Tricks and routines designed to tickle your fancy and rock your world or at least alter a tiny bit of your reality.

Hal Meyers  (aka Dameon - aka the NEVAH Banjo Guy) - Performing at 4Points BBQ in Winterport Maine
 Live Acoustic Music
… and Sleight of Hand MAGIC
So … to recap … BBQ, beer, wine, Mountain Dew, Music, Laughter, Singing, Sing-a-Longing, more laughing and ……… magic.

One heck of an evening … and it all begins at 5PM and goes until 8PM.
See you there … hopefully … and I do mean "you" …