Hal Meyers - Live Acoustic Music at the Hollywood Casino

Hollywood Casino … only a few more hours – here I come …
Let's see … 
banjo - Stelling Sunflower, Kavanjo Banjo head, Deering Tenbrooks Strings √
guitar - Martin D-42 √
finger picks, flat picks √
microphone √
microphone stand √
cables for instruments and microphone √
batteries for wireless rig √
fender acoustasonic 150 amp √ (might not be necessary but just in case)
song list for minimum of 3 hours worth of music √
reading glasses to see song list √
suit, tie and footwear √
shaved head √
vocal warm-up - time to be determined √
bringing "m" game √ ("m" for music)
… eh yup I'm ready. Music begins at 6pm and ends at 9pm! (with a couple o' breaks in between)
Hopefully I will see a few friendly faces of folks I know. 
p.s. unfortunately "magic" is not allowed on the casino floor … from what I've heard, and therefore I will not perform any, not even if they beg me - nope.

Hal Meyers - live acoustic music in Maine at Hollywood Casino