Hal Meyers - Live Acoustic Music in Maine at 4Points BBQ and Hollywood Casino

Oh yeah … now we're talkin' … 2 (count em') 2 almost back to back appearances. Luckily for me there is a day in between to rest my vocal chordishes … 
This coming FRIDAY … January 22, 2016 from 5pm to 8pm I am performing at the one and only 4Points BBQ in lovely Winterport, Maine - 145 S. Main St - to be precise. For further information and or to make reservations - please, please, please call 207-223-9929.
It's going to be a blast on many levels: 1) great BBQ - it doesn't get any better than 4Points … 2) Icy Cold Beer and terrific local Wines - and Mountain DEW (need I say more) … 3) Lots of singing, laughing, drinking, laughing, sing-a-longing, more drinking … 4) Possibly some in your face sleight-of-hand magical like effects … which most likely will lead to even more drinking, laughing and singing … 5) maybe, just maybe I can convince some of my musical friends to join me on-stage for a tune or two or three.

… and last but not least 6) IT'S MY BIRTHDAY - eh yup I'm hittin' the big %*

Hal Meyers - Live Acoustic Music and Magic at 4Points BBQ in Winterport, Maine

… and that isn't all 
… on Sunday Night - January 24th - at Bangor's one and only HOLLYWOOD CASINO I make my very first on-stage appearance. The Music starts at 6 pm and runs until 9 pm. 
Hope to see you there and have you join me for some laughs, singing, gambling, drinking (I'm not aloud to drink alcohol nor gamble whilst performing, a good thing, however I will certainly be delighted in your gambling and drinking adventures and successes…)
For more information about the Hollywood Casino call: (877) 779-7771
Located at: 500 Main St, Bangor, ME 04401

Hal Meyers - Live Acoustic Music at Bangor's Hollywood Casino - Sunday January 24th 6-9pm