Hal Meyers - Live Acoustic Music in Maine at Winterport's - 4Points BBQ - Friday Feb 26th

All right … 
… it's happening, again! Yes, again … this coming FRIDAY - FEB 26th - I will be "appearing" at the one and only 4Points BBQ in Winterport, Maine -
If you've never been there I highly recommend stopping by for some of the best BBQ you'll ever eat. (Last time I was there a group of truckers - from beyond - who have been running in and out of the state delivering HUGE propellers … told me they couldn't believe they'd found REAL BBQ in Maine).
So … 5 to 8 pm I'll be doing my thing, and hopefully a few friends will come, sit in and asset me with "said" thing … and we can all sing & thing, and laugh and drink beer and sip locally produced wine and gulp Mountain Dew (for those who …) and eat fantabulous barbecue. Did I mention the beer already?
… oh, and lots of smiles, sing-a-longing, sweet harmonies (for those of you who harmony) … and there will also be some pure sleight of hand prestidigitation - eh-yup magical tricks up my sleeve (from you know who - aka Dameon).
And for those of you who are curious, I'll be whipping out my Stelling Banjo with the Jet Balck Kavanjo Banjo Head … and finger pickin' my Martin D42.
So please come on down to the 4Points BBQ - 145 S Main St - Winterport Maine – this Friday Feb 26th - from 5 to 8pm.
Hal Meyers - the Maine Banjo Guy - Live Acoustic Music in Maine at 
Winterport's - 4Points BBQ - Friday Feb 26th