Hal Meyers - AKA Dameon - Live Music and Magic at the Belfast Breeze Inn - July 1st

Okay - just a heads up … I know everyone is super busy this time of year, so I thought I'd be the first to ask … please, please, please … save Friday- July 1st on your list of things to do - sort of a bucket list, but not really …
… I'll be at the beautiful Belfast Breeze Inn - in lovely Belfast, ME - located at 192 Northport Ave - 207-505-5231 (for further info)
The music/entertainment starts at 5pm and ends at 8pm
I'll be playing and singing, laughing, sing-a-longing, having wonderful food and beverages (mine will probably be RED) and, and (yes two ands) … I might also do a little sleight-of-hand prestidigitation, you never know.

Hal Meyers - Maine Banjo Guy - aka Dameon
Appearing at the Belfast Breeze - Live Acoustic Music & Close-up Magic
- Kavanjo Banjo Head - 
fyi: I was told there is a small cover charge if you are only coming for drinks and listening pleasure. If you are there for dinner … then there is no cover charge.
Hope to see you July 1st at the Belfast Breeze Inn - In the meantime kindly visit their website: www.belfastbreezeinn.com or visit them on Facebook (that's a lot of visiting - don't just visit come on down)