Hal Meyers - The Maine Banjo Guy - The Bacon Tree and Banjo/Music Workshop

Oh yeah ……………… I'm chomping at the bit (its a 2 parter)…

First parter:

This Saturday - March 25th - from 6pm to 9pm the2guys (moi - the Maine Banjo Balladeer and Richard Silver the Mandolin maven/guitar guru) will be performing our very special brand of music at the one and only BACON TREE - in Winterport, Maine …
… bring it on, but please call for reservations … 207-223-4313
For those of you who have not been to the Bacon Tree - the food is incredible, the staff is amazing and your hosts and chefs - Leslie and David - will take your breath away with their phenomenal cuisine and terrific beverage selection.
… and I must say that - we - the2guys will delight you musically, tickle your funny bone, have you singing along (in two part harmony) … and if time permits I will dazzle you with some prestidigitation (ok - tricks)!

Hal Meyers - the Maine Banjo Guy
At the Bacon Tree
Playing his Stelling Banjo - with Kavanjo Banjo Head
- and Dameon Magic too -
SOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo … that's part 1

Second parter:

On Sunday March 26th … 

… from 12:30 To 3:30 pm, I (Hal the Banjo B - you know) am giving a Unique Jam/Learning Session – a workshop with a little banjo and some guitar, songs not generally heard, in a fashion that is familiar and easily understood
We're going to learn some licks, discover a few tricks, embellish a few – find some “notes” old, new, borrowed and blue …
… we'll kick off at a pace everyone can share and if our timing permits we’ll be taking off from there. 
This will be an amazingly fun, slightly different approach to preparing, playing and performing.
Call for Lynn at 667-0552 for reservations and details. 
Jam class is $15.00.  

Save the date! You really won't want to miss this opportunity. 
Hal Meyers - the Maine Banjo Guy
A workshop in Lamoine
Playing his Stelling Banjo - with Kavanjo Banjo Head
- and Dameon Magic too -
p.s. I'm bringing a special guest too.