Dameon's "Back to Basics" Lecture - Conjurors Corner Magic Club - June 24th

Hey there my fellow magicians …
Lecturing tomorrow - Monday June 24th for the Conjuror’s Corner Magic Club -
Location: Mr Beef and Pizza -1796 South Elmhurst Rd., Mt. Prospect, IL 60056
The lecture starts at 7 PM
……… I’ve run into a few folks over the last few days at Midwest Magic and Magic Inc … and hopefully they have spread the word and we will get a nice turnout for the event.
I’m attaching a few photos of recent lectures + 
Also, If your club members have not had a chance to see the WHO IS DAMEON VIDEO … If you look through my Facebook (Hal Meyers), scroll down a bit you will find the video.
I would love to see as many magi as possible.
If you saw the lecture please help to spread the word.
Magically yours,
Hal Meyers - aka Dameon
I am coming your way … and have already visited, Sarasota, FL - Raleigh, NC - Mason, Grand Rapids, MI, Norwood, OH (Haines House of Cards) … thus far the reviews have been wonderful (edited for your reading pleasure):
Dear Dameon / Mr. Meyers,
I just wanted to take moment and say thank you for the lecture that you gave for Ring 81 in Sarasota last night. ………Your lecture was the first this year for the Ring, of the ones I have been able to attend, where, you as the professional seemed to truly enjoy teaching us, was not acting as though none of us were capable of understanding the information presented, etc.
………… Lately, I have felt less than energetic in my magical endeavors, prior lectures this year not helping.
I was hoping to build the courage as a forty three year old novice to get out to do some busking on the weekends for fun and your lecture reinvigorated me to get back it. I am looking forward to pouring through all of the writings and videos in your notes.
Please keep doing what you are doing and I hope you come visit Ring 81 again in the near future. I would not miss it.
Thank you,
Best of luck on the rest of your tour! We appreciated your insight and guidance here at Ring 81 for the first stop!
– –
Hi Hal,
I enjoyed the lecture on Thursday. I am always happy to learn something all while being entertained. Good luck on your tour. 
– –
Hello Mr Meyers, (Dameon)
Thank you for lecturing in Raleigh NC last Friday (June 7th). You seem like the kind of person I could talk to all evening. You have some great stories.
I truly appreciate the fact that you are a polished magician. It shows, every move, every gesture, every stance, facial expression... 
has been well practiced, and is purposeful, with great showmanship and entertainment. I am only a Magic enthusiast, but can appreciate the Art you put into your Craft, 
I see from the website, you will be in Mt. Prospect Illinois, on June 24th - That is where I grew up, I told my brother and some old Magician Friends to attend your lecture.
(Tom and Tom) - if they show up, tell them I say hello from Raleigh  🙂
Kind Regards
– –
I’m looking forward to your lecture at Haines I took off work for it … heard from sources it’s gonna be a really good one.
Hope to see you at an up-coming lecture … if you’ve already been to one (and enjoyed it - LOL) - please let your fellow magi know.
Magically yours,
Hal Meyers - aka Dameon
hmeyers1@me.com - dameonmagic@icloud.com
p.s. A thank you to those I have already visited - please spread the word.