Dameon's "Back To The Basic's" - Magic Lecture Tour - June 6th - August 15th

Holy wow I'm hitting the road in one day. I did some quick calculations … and I'll be traveling a bit over 10,000 miles - from Sarasota, FL to Las Vegas, NV with lots of places in between … on my "Back To The Basics" lecture tour - from June 6th - August 15th. Check out the nearest lecture town and come on by.
I've said it before, but don't let the title fool you - there are basics, and then there are "basics" … if you get my drift - we'll be going over some incredible "basics" that will blow your mind and give you new material to peruse along with food for thought - to use as well. 
I hope to see you along the way … and who knows - maybe we can throw in a "master class" or some "private lessons" as well.
Dameon - aka Hal Meyers - "Back To The Basics" - Lecture Tour
Coming to a Magic Club/Organization near you. June 6th - August 15th
p.s. I'll be posting on FB, Instagram and dameonmagic.com along the way - so don't be afraid to chime in and say hello!
p.s.s. Sorry, but … this lecture is for magicians only … lots of secrets revealed and hands on instruction too.